Mole/Skin Lesion Checks and Removal

Full body skin cancer checks, skin lesion biopsy and removal and cosmetic skin lesion removal

Mole/Skin Lesion Checks and Removal


Dr Danielle Waxman provides full body skin cancer checks
using the latest Dermlite Dermatoscope to check each indvidual lesion for any suspicious features and is then able to photograph the suspicious lesion, capturing the image in high resolution, giving a detailed view through maginification and specialised lighting which can then be saved to the patients records and accessed anytime through the secure platform for analysis, diagnosis and treatment plan if required.
If any lesion is thought to be suspicious, Dr Waxman will then discuss with you the treatment options.
These will depend on the specifics of your case, including the location and nature of the lesion along with the suspected diagnosis.
She will select from the following biopsy options:
  • PUNCH BIOPSY a circular piece of tissue is removed from the lesion under local anaesthetic ,removing all layers of the skin which is then sent to the laboratory for further testing.Stitches may be required.
  • SHAVE BIOPSY usually recommended for larger and flatter lesions, a piece of the skin is shaved off and sent to the laboratory-no stitches required.
  • INCISION BIOPSY A narrow or thin biopsy of part of the lesion which is then sent to the laboratory.
  • EXCISION BIOPSY Used for pigmented lesions which involves the full removal of the lesion with 2mm margins which is then sent to the laboratory but with the expectation that further treatment will be required.
Dr Waxman also provides Surgitron removal of cosmetic skin lesions…no cutting or stitches required.

Ellman Surgitron benign mole and skin lesion removal is performed by Dr Danielle Waxman.

The Ellman Surgitron can be used for – The removal moles,skin tags and skin growths without bleeding or stitches and minimal to no scarring as no cutting is involved and no sutures are required.
These can be easily removed from the face,scalp and body.

Dr Waxman will first examine the lesion using a dermatoscope to ensure the lesion is suitable for removal using Surgitron.

Removal using Surgitron
A small amount of local anaesthetic is administered under the lesion beforehand and radio frequency waves effectively remove the lesion with no cutting involved whilst sterilising the areas at the same time , producing superior cosmetic results with minimal to no scarring.

Immediately after excision there is simply a raw non-bleeding surface no bigger than the original size of the lesion which often forms a scab and 7 to 10 days later leaves a fresh ,healthy new layer of skin which over time usually blends in to the normal skin colour.

Areas suitable for treatment:
Benign moles,skin tags,seborrhoeic keratoses(also known as senile warts),warts,verrucas,sun spots and Actinic Keratoses (pre-cancerous skin lesions),angiomas.

If you have several moles or lesions you are wanting to be removed it is therefore more economical for you to have these done in the one appointment and adequate time is therefore allocated.