Breast Lift

Using PRP and HA

At Central CosMedic Dr Dani Waxman is a provider of the Female Breast Lift procedure, using your own PRP.

About PRP Breast lift

The PRP breast-lift uses PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to help enhance the cleavage area of the breasts where we tend to lose volume as we age, creating a saggy appearance to the breasts.

By treating the upper cleavage area it helps to round the upper part of the breast, enhancing the appearance especially whilst wearing a bra, bikini or lower cut neckline.

The procedure only takes 45-60 minutes and has minimal to no downtime.

It can also be used to help soften any ripples or hollows in those who have breast implants as well as being used to “pop out” inverted nipples and enhance nipple sensation.

Results are immediate and continue to improve further over the following 12 weeks.

The procedure is a safe and effective way to lift the skin and smooth any wrinkles in this area. Results last from 6 months to 2 years, then further treatment can be administered. 


Before and After images

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